Complaints / Returns


The buyer has the legal right to return the goods within 14 days of receipt. Please refer to our terms and conditions for a detailed description of all requirements. The goods must be in their original packaging and in the same condition as you received them. Once we have received the goods and checked their condition, we will refund the amount paid to your bank account or you can use it as a credit for further purchases - it depends on the agreement.

Choose your problem from the offers and fill in the form.



▶ Send the goods to:

Decobella - IMM/Frisbo

Building 3, Księcia Ziemowita 53

03-885 Warsaw


▶ Ideally, put the order/invoice in the package or write the e-mail address where you ordered with the order number. The day after the shipment, please send us the account number by e-mail (we need the account number in electronic form, it is not necessary to attach it physically to the shipment).


Do not send cash on delivery shipments under any circumstances! The goods will not be accepted!


For a smooth receipt of the shipment from our side, please send the shipment number to our email.





On most of our items, we provide a warranty of 24 months. Again, the requirements are outlined in our Terms and Conditions, and we pride ourselves on our complaint handling pattern - all legitimate complaints are handled as quickly and smoothly as possible (most complaints have been handled in well under the 30 days required by law).



▶ Describe your problem in detail (don't forget to add a photo/video).

▶ After receiving the complaint, send the goods to the following address:



Decobella - IMM/Frisbo

Building 3, Księcia Ziemowita 53

03-885 Warsaw



Do not send goods by cash on delivery! The goods will not be accepted!





It may happen that the carrier damages the shipment or that the shipment arrives incomplete. We will clarify the problem with the carrier and refund the damage if it is justified. However, you must always notify us of any damage within 48 hours of receiving the shipment! If this is the case, please write to us and include photos of the damaged goods, photos of the packing material, photos of the goods as they were packed, and "fragile" and "do not drop" stickers.

Goods received must be inspected immediately.

In the event of damage in transit, the carrier has only 2 business days to report the damage.
If this deadline is missed, no claim can be made, even if not caused by damage.
Please check the received goods immediately and thoroughly, if this is the case, please contact us, we will inform you about the claim process (photos of the damage, photos of the shipment and packaging materials).